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The snow that fell on 24th Street

(I decided maybe it would be beneficial to post what I write for my creative writing class on here, that way I could maybe get some feedback before I turn it in..?)

The snow that fell on 24th Street

I hate the snow that is piled on the side of the road.
It is ugly and unwhite.
The only time this snow is beautiful
is when it first falls and no one has dicovered it yet.
Before the footprints, the shovels, the dogs,
and the plows. When it lays, peaceful and
uninterrupted by us. I always feel guilty
when I walk across the new snow and ruin it
with my ugly footprints.

But this snow, this snow
on the side of 24th street is disgusting.
It only got to be beautiful for a little while.
The snow that falls on the street is never safe.
This unlucky snow is hurridly pushed to the side.
Make room for our dirty cars.
The snow on the side of the street does not
have the chance to soak up the sun, and
reflect it like a huge mirror to the sky.
It is a dirty mound.

Kids are attracted by the size.
Standing six feet tall, it is nice for a
quick sledding rush. But the kids
are banned from the 'dangerous' snow.
Don't play by the street. Don't
play in the dirty snow you'll get sick.

Cars drive by and splash
more dirt onto the snow. Flecks of dirt and
salt sprinkle the graying heap. Exhaust pipes
spit out clouds of black that seep into its pores.
There is a piece of yellowed paper,
revealing the hiding spot of a discarded McDonald's bag
from down the street
on the corner of 24th and Cumings.

The crisp, cold, smell of the snow
covers up the usual smell of exhaust, pollution
and people. But as the sun warms the snow,
the scent of city creeps back into
Nature's perfume.

The fading of winder is evident as a puddle creeps
around the base of the sooty sludge.
The puddle creates a cliff, and when the
sun moves out from behind a cloud the
cliff plummets into the street. It turns into a slush
that sticks to the shoes of students
walking to class. They are annoyed at the ugly snow
because it makes their jeans wet and cold.
Cars drive by too fast and splash the slush onto their coats.
They grumble and wish winter would end already.
They forget about how much fun they had sledding last week
at the park because school was cancled. They forget
school was cancled because of the
annoying snow.

The great frozen tidal wave soiled with
pollution streches down 24th and out of sight
underneath I-480. But the discarded beauty
of winter still stands in the way. We have work,
school, meetings, church, AA, get out of our way.
How unlucky this snow is to have fallen on
24th Street. What a nice long life it would have had
over at Memorial Park, where it would have been
appreciated by sledders, nature lovers, and snowmen.
But the snow from 24th Street lays shoved aside,
a melting tidal wave surfed by trash and
anxious dogs with cold feet.
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