StalkMePlease (stalkmeplease) wrote in goodinmyhead,

I am fragile.

I am fragile.
I am fragile and I'm going to break without you.
When you leave, I am going to break.
I already am breaking.
You are dead to me.
I need you, and without you, I am going to die too.

don't you understand? I'm going to break without you.
I don't think you realize what I mean.

do you remember when bryan died and we hugged like this forever? we hugged forever, just like this.
...he said

I don't understand how he remembers details like that.
I hate him for complicating things.
I hate him for making me love him more, when I need to love him less.
I want to talk to him sober, to see if he'll still cry, or if it was just the beer-trying to find the easiest way out.

why is it that one day of good can cause years of bad to evaporate, leaving nothing but this feeling of *why the fuck do I need you so much?*

will this ever end? is this really the end? is this really love?
...she thought
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