StalkMePlease (stalkmeplease) wrote in goodinmyhead,

okay, this isn't my poem.
it's carlos Drummond de Andrade's.
but alyse, if you are ever on talking terms again with carlos, and he wouldn't take offense. show him this.

Carlos, calm down, love
is what you are seeing:
a kiss today, tomorrow no kiss,
the day after tomorrow is Sunday
and nobody knows what will happen
on Monday.

It's useless to resist
or to commit suicide.
Don't kill yourself. Don't kill yourself.
Save all of youself for the wedding
though nobody knows when or if
it will ever come.

Carlos, earthy Carlos, love
spend the night with you
and you deepest self
is raising a terrible racket,
saints in procession,
ads for the best soap,
a racket for which nobody knows
the why or wherefore.

Meanwhile, you walk
upright, unhappy.
You are the palm tree, you are the shout
that nobody heard in the theater
and all the lights went out.
Love in darkness, no, in daylight,
is always sad, Carlos, my boy,
don't tell anyone,
nobody knows or will know.

wow. you see I love it. Dr. Spencer would later describe it as an 'anti suicide note' and we have to write one to ourselves also. but yes. I thought it was good and you might like it alyse.
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